Straight from the mouths of FORMA clients: Testimonials

I started working out with Rob in February of 2019 and the transformation I have experienced is more than I could have imagined. I have a very bad hip condition and found that Rob specializes in clinical patients and joint problems. Rob put together a meal plan and workout that would lead me down a road I never expected. I lost 60 lbs in 5 months. He trains me in such a way that is difficult, tough, and customized in a way that would cause no additional pain in my already bad hips. I now feel 20 years younger and would recommend Rob and the FORMA team to anyone looking to make a positive change in life.

Kris - Baden

I have been going to Forma Personal Training for over a year. My personal goals were to improve my fitness by increasing my flexibility, core strength and balance. Mark has been my trainer and makes every work out fun and challenging. I feel that I am achieving these goals and will continue to achieve more. My primary care physician is happy with the results and wants me to continue forever and my plan is to continue forever! Thank you Mark for all the great training sessions and being a great motivator and teacher. The Forma Personal Training facility is very neat and clean.

Sue L - Beaver

I have been training with Karen and Rob for over a year now. They are both so great at what they do. They help me stay motivated and focused. The workouts they provide are always challenging and different. Training at Forma I lost 12lbs and was able to gain lean muscle mass and reduce body fat. For the first time ever I look forward to my workouts!

Mikayla - Moon Township

I have been training and consulting with Karen at Forma Personal Training for the last 7 years. I'm in better shape, stronger, healthier, and I look better than I did at 25! Karen always has an answer to my questions and keeps my workout schedule innovative, challenging and fun. She and the rest of the staff really know their stuff!

Alison - Gibsonia

Until a few months ago my exercise routine was focused solely on running and training for 2-3 half marathons a year. I was running up to 150 miles per month in advance of some races but generally felt like I had hit a plateau in terms of my half marathon race times. I started working out one day a week with Karen at Forma a few months ago while also reducing the miles I was running to train for races, and I noticed a pretty significant improvement in both my stamina and pace, which I attribute to the fact that I was simultaneously getting stronger and was less worn out from running so much. I am not a natural runner by any means and run mainly to be able to justify drinking more beer. Kidding aside...I now have the ability to run less but perform better and for me, a significant benefit of training with Karen.

Robert W. - Sewickley

When I first joined Forma Personal Training in August of 2012, I weighed 280 pounds, my blood pressure was out of control and I could hardly walk up a flight of stairs without losing my breath. As a young father, I wanted to be healthy and keep up with the activity levels of my children. One day after getting a routine blood pressure reading that was quite high, I decided to make a life style change. Over the course of a year, I lost 65 pounds at Forma Personal Training and my blood pressure became normal. I train with both Karen and Mark, once each per week, and each has a regimen that keeps me motivated and pushes me to the limits of my capabilities. They also make working out fun; I never dread getting out of bed first thing in the morning to begin my training routine. Most importantly, I feel like they genuinely are interested in my progress and encourage me to stay focused on maintaining my health.

Bryan M. - Sewickley

I am fifty-three years old and have been training for approximately 30 years. I had never thought to use a trainer, and, instead, read all the magazines to develop my own workouts. Three years ago I decided to engage a personal trainer because I'm older, my progress had plateaued and my commitment was waning. Two years ago, I joined Forma Personal Training and have worked with Karen Slavin and Mark Burke twice a week since then.

Karen and Mark personalize each workout and dedicate themselves to their clients. They have introduced me to new forms of training, emphasizing stretching, improved flexibility and balance, core strength and overall conditioning. During my workouts, I have observed a similar commitment by the other trainers to their respective clients. The workouts are challenging, varied and, strangely, fun. I look forward to each workout and the camaraderie. The atmosphere is not intimidating, but rather is very friendly and inviting.

Despite thinking I was in decent shape, two years ago I weighed 226 pounds, was taking 20 mg of lisinopril daily to lower my blood pressure and my cholesterol was 202. Today, I weigh 222 pounds, having lost 18lbs of fat but gaining 14 lbs of muscle. I no longer take blood pressure medicine and my cholesterol is 148. Karen and Mark have changed my approach to working out and my health is reaping the benefits.

Mario S - Sewickley

I have been training with Mark for the past 11 years. 13 years ago, at the age of 29, I had to have open heart surgery for a valve replacement. After a couple of years passed, I was not feeling 100% and began to train with Mark. He took into consideration any limitations that I had. He urged me to do a hike challenge he had done. Never would I have thought I'd be hiking 19 miles in one day and live to tell about it, especially after having had heart surgery. Training sessions are custom to our individual needs. If its hiking season, we focus more on the muscles to accomplish hiking with ease and with less chance of injury. If its skiing season, the training session are geared for what is needed to be stronger to ski. Cardio fitness is also a part of sessions as well as exercises that utilize balance with weight training. To ensure optimal cardio training and fitness as per my abilities Mark recommended the use of a heart rate monitor to maintain the proper heart rate for my fitness level and to be able to further build my cardio fitness safely.

Thanks to my training sessions with Mark I have more muscle than in my younger days and I feel I am far more fit than anytime in my life. I feel better both physically and mentally. Exercise is a key part of my life to remain healthy.

Laura - 42yrs old - Economy, PA

I have been a cyclist for most of my life and now that I am in my late 30's early 40's things tend to get a little more difficult. I wanted to try to find ways to improve myself on and off the bike so I started going to Forma Personal Training. I have been going for about three years now to maintain a fitness level that would benefit my passion of cycling. I discussed with Mark Burke my goals and what I would like to see in my performance and I feel with Mark's help I have been able to achieve these goals. I have become stronger, faster and able to ride longer and I feel I owe that to Mark and the Trainers at Forma Personal Training.

John G - 40yrs old - Moon Twp, PA

Burke and his team are extremely knowledgeable about body form, function, movement, diet and more. Training since 2003, my core, muscle and cardio strength, plus agility, has dramatically improved. As a result, my overall increased fitness has allowed me to practice sports and enjoy activity with far less risk of injury. An excellent motivator, I appreciate Mark's expertise and never, ever boring routines.

Melanie W - Sewickley

I have been a client at Forma Personal Training for many years. Keeping bones and muscles as fit as possible is important as we age. Weekly when I see Karen, we review the whole package and work to keep my body moving and getting stronger.

Both Mark and Karen make sure the exercises we're doing are being done correctly and safely. Karen recently gave me some practical weight loss tips that seem to be working.

It's a great place for private exercise training.

Bob - 69yrs old - Sewickley

I have been training with Karen for the last 5 months and she has been excellent. Karen helped me develop a lifestyle change through positive feedback and encouragement. She was able to retrain my thinking and therefore my body. Karen is a very high energy, enthusiastic trainer and brings that energy to every session making you give it your all. I recommend Karen and Forma Personal Training... start now, you will feel better tomorrow!

Bria - 27yrs old - Sewickley

My interest in personal training is to have a truly personalized experience. I want my workouts to be focused on my specific needs and that's what I get when training with Karen. She tailors my workout to muscle groups of interest while guiding me to perform the exercise properly. Technique is important so as to maximize the results while balancing muscle groups. The training sessions are also diverse where Karen mixes in traditional weight training with cardiovascular, agility and calisthenics for balance.

Mark M. - Sewickley

Why does Forma work for me? As a woman 'of a certain age' the key to successfully maintaining my weight is keeping my metabolism working at a high level. Even with all the cardio I was doing, I couldn't regenerate the muscle I was losing. Karen has taught me how to challenge each muscle group. She stresses proper weight-training technique and proper diet. I know the benefits of our sessions the next day when certain muscles are sore. (When I used to complain about it, Karen would say, 'You don't have to thank me'.) Over the long-term the results have been visible in the mirror. I lost 3 sizes and about 25 pounds over a year and a half. But more importantly, I've kept it off. My husband compliments me all the time and my teenagers say I'm 'ripped'. That's pretty good for someone of any age

Cheri M. - Pittsburgh

Karen and Mark have such an enthusiasm for healthy living that you can't help but get caught up in it and be motivated. They have tailored my workouts to fit my exact needs. After 5 months with them, I feel better than I have in years. I am so grateful to have met them"

Tracey P. - Sewickley

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